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Shy & soft-hearted mysterious person. Small in size with freckles on cheeks. Always enjoying my solitude time to the fullest. And through this wall, these are my stories, poems, thoughts, dreams and the other half of me... :')

”In the name of Him who taught the soul to think, and kindled the heart's lamp with the light of soul.”

~Sheikh Mahmoud Shabestari

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Posted on October 09, 2014 // 10:47 PM // 0 comment(s) // add a comment

Badan dihempas lembut ke atas tilam yang empuk dan nyaman. Kaku dan bisu menikmati saat keemasan. Sempat termenung jauh berangan-angan ke dunia impian. Tenaga segera dibebaskan, badan terasa lebih ringan. Lalu terbang nun jauh tinggi di awan.

Selamat malam. :)

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