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Shy & soft-hearted mysterious person. Small in size with freckles on cheeks. Always enjoying my solitude time to the fullest. And through this wall, these are my stories, poems, thoughts, dreams and the other half of me... :')

”In the name of Him who taught the soul to think, and kindled the heart's lamp with the light of soul.”

~Sheikh Mahmoud Shabestari

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It's the Time to ...
Posted on December 31, 2016 // 10:11 PM // 0 comment(s) // add a comment

"It's time to forgive yourself for the things you got wrong in 2016,
Forgive yourself for trusting the wrong person.You couldn’t have predicted the future and you owed it to yourself to take a leap of faith.
Forgive yourself for choosing the wrong path. Every decision you made was exactly what you needed at the time.
Forgive yourself for the risks you didn’t take. There will always be chances to start over, and next time you’ll be ready to take them.
Forgive yourself for the times you weren’t there for yourself. You’ve learned how to love yourself better and it’s something you’ll always be re-learning.
Forgive yourself for what you did not live up to. The strides you took forward matter greatly, even if you didn’t reach the final destination.
Forgive yourself for what you never saw coming, that hit you like a ton of bricks. You couldn’t have predicted the future. And what matters most is how you heal from those unexpected heartbreaks.

It’s time to let go of every pain and every disappointment you walked into in 2016.
You got here anyway.
You made it through twelve long months anyway.
You arrived at the end of the year, on the heels of a chance to start all over.
You get to bury each mistake with the end of this year.
You get to turn a new page with the new one.

You’ll live better in 2017. You’ll fail better in 2017. You’ll make a whole new batch of mistakes in the year to come, but you’ll know how to forgive yourself, this time.
And as long as you are able to do so, there’s not a single mistake you can make that will defeat you."

—@heidipriebe via @thoughtcatalog
book: The First New Universe

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